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Serendipity, or Just Dumb Luck (Red/Auden | 5,942 words | rated T) - Having revealed that she doesn't know how to dance, Red asks Auden to teach her. It's a simple request, but the longing looks and gentle touches and unavoidable proximity that come with it give rise to feelings that are anything but.

Noise (Auden, Red, Original Characters | 3,697 words | rated T) - The cheers and applause from Red's audience were deafening, drowning out all other sounds around Auden, and coaxing back a memory from his fighting days that he would rather forget.

With Armor Spent (Red/Auden | 1,395 words | rated G) - After weathering an over-enthusiastic crowd at the Halcyon Street stage, both Red and Auden are unnerved by the memories that resurface, though Auden refuses to disclose the specifics, leaving Red unable to do anything for him but remain by his side, and remind him that together, they are going to be all right.

Gutted (Auden, Mack Orthon | 2,017 words | rated M for coarse language) - Auden runs into an old friend at the bar, a mechanic who just lost his livelihood to a vote he couldn't even participate in.

Break (Red/Auden | 663 words | rated G) - She had little need of the Bracket Towers break room for its intended purpose, but she did need the privacy it offered, the quiet, the shelter from his gaze.

The space to break down.

In Your Blood (Red/Auden | 2,464 words | rated G) - Auden had been working as Red’s personal security detail for two months now, and she still knew precious little about him beyond his name and where he came from.

Perhaps it was time to learn a little bit more.

Summer Rain (Red/Auden | 2,312 words | rated T) - A rainy-night stroll leads to another juncture in their relationship.

Gold on Black Velvet (Red/Auden | 663 words | rated G) - Red discovers a small velvet box in the pocket of Auden's jacket, and answers the question he never got to properly ask.

 Good (Red/Auden | 200 words | rated E for explicit sexual content) - Red and Auden return from a night out, heady on love and lust and drink.

Morning (Red/Auden | 200 words | rated T) - Waking up in the arms of the man she loves, Red finds herself inspired.

The Flowers of the Afternoon (Red/Auden | 2,257 words | rated G) - After a simple, intimate picnic in the Country, Red finds her creativity rekindled, and her relationship with her lover reaffirmed yet again.

Seconds March into Silence (Red/Auden | 200 words | rated G) - When the Process begins to affect Auden inside the Transistor, Red seeks to comfort him with her song. But what he sings back to her breaks her heart.

What's So Great About Sunshine (Red, Auden | 200 words | rated G) - Predictable weather and a predictable public leave them both feeling trapped and alone, unaware of each other and what they have in common.

Let the Rain Fall (Red, Sybil | 496 words | rated G) - Sybil's gift is less-than-enthusiastically received.

Bodyguard (Red, Sybil, Auden | 498 words | rated G) - Red has usually been forthcoming with Sybil, but a period of relative reticence leaves Sybil feeling left out of her life – a feeling that only intensifies when she meets Red's new bodyguard.

Provocatrice (Sybil, Red, Asher | 494 words | rated G) - A "special occasion" turns out to be a special person, and a clear indicator of where Sybil stands in Red's life. Sequel to "Let the Rain Fall".

Advocate (Niola | 500 words | rated G) - Niola is committed to achieving equality for all residents of Cloudbank, regardless of their socioeconomic status, and every little defiance against the status quo helps, even if it's just voting for another day of rain.

Sky Looks Blue 'Cause We Want it To (Niola, Farrah | 500 words | rated G) - Ahead of the quarterly solstice celebration, Farrah runs her planned performance past Niola and the two decide to remind Cloudbank what beauty and passion look like, and that those qualities are accessible to everyone.

Precedent (Niola, Bailey | 500 words | rated G) - Visiting the archives to find a precedent on which she might model the Goldwalk Channel, Niola finds an unexpected source of support for the project, instead.

Lacuna (Niola, Wave | 500 words | rated G) - The day before general election votes are due, Niola gives an interview on Wave Tennegan's radio show, explaining what her plan for Goldwalk Channel is, and how she hopes it will change Cloudbank for the better.

Meritless Perspectives (Niola, Grant | 500 words \ rated G) - An angry crowd disrupts the opening of the Goldwalk Channel, and Niola tries her best to keep her patience with them. When she finally snaps, a city official unexpectedly offers his support for her, as well as an enigmatic invitation.

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The Blue Castle

Bracken and Fir (Barney/Valancy | 1,511 words | rated M for mild sexual content) - Overtaken by darkness during a walk through the woods, Barney and Valancy spend a night beneath the stars and the trees, in a makeshift bed of bracken and fir boughs.

A Token of Appreciation (Barney, Valancy, Cissy | 2,458 words | rated G) - He hadn't been thinking of Valancy during that trip to the Port, not really. At least, not until he saw the little boxes of chocolates in the window of the confectionery and decided then and there that Valancy simply must have one--as a friendly gift, a token of appreciation, nothing more. Definitely nothing more.

Keep Reading (Barney/Valancy | 1,137 words | rated T) - For Valancy, there are few luxuries in life sweeter than being able to read a novel beside a great, crackling fire. Barney is determined to show her one of them.

All the Light and Shadow of It (Barney/Valancy | 2,181 words | rated G) - In the aftermath of the incident at the train tracks, Barney comes to terms with how he feels for Valancy, and how important she has become in his life.

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Final Fantasy VI

That Nebulous Thing Called Love (Celes & Terra | 3,912 words | rated G) - Celes encounters a very different Terra in Mobliz than the one she thought she knew. Frustrated by Terra's unwillingness to fight, Celes ponders the reason behind it, and her own interpretation of love, and is eventually moved toward understanding by an innocent gesture in the dead of night.

Family Portrait (Relm | 2,175 words | rated G) - A year after helping the others defeat Kefka, Relm is frustrated that her paintings can no longer come to life in a world without magic. In a fit of anger, she knocks one of Strago's pictures off the wall, shattering the frame and revealing a painting of a family who looks all too familiar.

Butterflies (Relm | 100 words | rated G) - Relm tests the limits of her magic.

 Shake the Stars from the Sky (Daryl/Setzer | 7,430 words | rated E for explicit sexual content) - After leaving a fancy Jidoorian party, Setzer and Daryl can't agree on where to head to next, so they devise a very physical challenge to break the stalemate.

 Shoeshine (Celes/Setzer | 2,209 words | rated E for explicit sexual content) - After kidnapping "Maria" from the opera, Setzer is eager to collect his prize, and the rest of the party is late.

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Final Fantasy VIII

Affirmation (Rinoa/Squall | 1,023 words | rated G) - Years later, though the world has changed and their priorities have shifted, their commitment remains, reaffirmed and strengthened as the days pass, through the small moments. Fear doesn't necessitate hiding, and a knight doesn't always need a weapon.

Bombshell (Selphie, Irvine | 3,907 words | rated T) - When SeeD uncovers an assassination plot while on a mission as security detail, Xu calls upon Irvine to help them out. Irvine's assignment: seduce the suspect to facilitate arrest. His reputation and a SeeD mission on the line, can Irvine live up to his claims of being a "ladies' man?"

Civilian (Rinoa/Squall | 1,644 words |rated G) - That first GF opened the floodgates to the magic that runs through Rinoa's body, to the power that's slowly consuming her. Though Squall regrets having given it to her, a civilian with no training and no business using GFs, the decision made perfect sense at the time: Rinoa wanted to fight beside SeeD. It was her choice; what right did he have to object?

Evening Edition (Quistis, Seifer | 4,307 words | rated G) - [Newsroom AU] Quistis has worked the anchor desk at BalambNine News for five years, and takes her job very seriously. But the arrival of a brash new co-anchor changes the dynamic of the newsroom and pushes her further from the kind of work she aspires to do. She weathers her frustration as best as she can, until international developments offer her a chance to do the job she loves, and reclaim her well-earned position in the process.

Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes (Rinoa/Quistis | 1,713 words |rated T) - Rinoa went to Quistis to vent about Squall. She never expected to find her loneliness reflected there, or its gentle, if temporary, relief.

 Take Me Where the Streetlights Glow - (Rinoa/Quistis | 7,959 words | rated E for explicit sexual content) - Quistis hasn't taken a proper vacation in years. Now, four years after meeting Rinoa and saving the world, she travels with her to Dollet for a week of relaxation and indulgence. And if Quistis hasn't learned how to properly enjoy those things by now, Rinoa is only too happy to help her out.

Roll to Me (Rinoa/Quistis | 3,031 words | rated G) - Rinoa surprises Quistis with a getaway to Deling City for her birthday, intent on showing her the kind of weekend she'd dreamed of having while growing up in Caraway's mansion--hip restaurants, cool clubs, and dancing until dawn. But when they get lost on the way to one of those clubs and end up at a roller disco, instead, Rinoa remembers that it's not the venue that makes an evening memorable, but who you share the evening with.

The Girl with Flaming Hair (Adel, Dr. Odine | 779 words | rated G) - A betrayal in her youth drives Adel's thirst for power in her present, and the fire within her is only fueled by the unintended side effects of Dr. Odine's experiments.

 Flowers and Salt (Julia/Raine | 4,940 words | rated E for explicit sexual content) - Tired of the noise and stress of the city, Julia escapes to Winhill for the weekend, where she has an unexpected fling with the local pub owner.

Take You in my Arms and Fly Away with You Tonight (Rinoa/Squall | 2,267 words | rated T) - Squall can't shake the glimpse of future he received in Ultimecia's time, and sees her shadows even in the present. Even around Rinoa, even as Rinoa wants nothing more than to pull him into the light with her, to gain and retain his trust.

Over and Over (Winhill flower shop owner | 1,417 words | rated G) - For nearly twenty years, the owner of the Winhill flower shop has held onto a hope she couldn't really believe. But after seeing a loved one in the eyes of a stranger and sharing her story with a friend, that hope no longer seems so far-fetched.

Ozone (Zell | 3,268 words | rated G) - From a young age, Zell has been fascinated by lightning, by its spectacle and power. Though the details have faded as he's grown, his fascination remains, and his search for the power to protect his loved ones allies him with the storm itself, bringing back a familiar scent, and memories he can't quite recall.

Party People (Selphie, Wimbly Donner | 854 words | rated G) - Selphie has just finished hosting Balamb Garden's first-ever Garden Festival. During clean-up, she finally meets her predecessor from the Garden Festival committee, come to congratulate her on her success. He certainly knows how to make an impression.

Possession (Edea | 714 words | rated G) - "I am Edea Kramer. I've been a sorceress since childhood. The power of another is nothing I cannot handle. Nothing has changed. Nothing will."

Rift (General Caraway | 3,003 words | rated G) - As Time Compression begins and the heroes charge to the future to face Ultimecia, Caraway delves into his past.

Crystal-Clear Snafu (Selphie, Zell | 3,142 words | rated G) - When Selphie hears about a new fuel source Esthar is developing, using Energy Crystals, she heads into the still-unstable Trabian Crater, for a little excavation of her own.

Snapshots (Rinoa, Laguna | 2,522 words | rated G) - At least once in every conversation with Rinoa, Laguna brought up Julia. But the Julia he knew was not her mother; Laguna's Julia was nothing more than a snapshot, an idol, a sliver of a whole and vibrant woman.

Same Old Song, Just Once More (Rinoa | 6,353 words | rated G) - While watching the group prepare for their concert at Fisherman's Horizon, Rinoa has an unexpected encounter with a song from her past, which calls up old memories and fresh doubts, and prompts her desire to secure the musical scores for herself.

Time (Laguna | 1,023 words | rated G) - In a time of crisis, Laguna meets the son he's never known, and comes face-to-face with the ghosts of his past.

To Last Voyages and New Experiences (Selphie/Nida | 3,958 words | rated G) - Nida had long accepted the eventuality of the last voyage of Balamb Garden, but he didn't expect to share the final leg of that journey with anyone, much less someone who takes him seriously--as a SeeD, a pilot, and a person.

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Final Fantasy X

 Easy Silence (Auron/Lulu | 8,434 words | rated E for explicit sexual content) - Lulu appreciated Auron's silence. He seemed to know the value of words and, consequently, recognized when they were useless. When an encounter with her past leaves Lulu shaken and disconnected from even herself, she eventually finds comfort in his quiet understanding, and in a largely wordless reconnection with a part of herself she has ignored for too long.

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Other Fandoms

Reawakening (Parasite Eve | Aya, Daniel | 5,711 words | rated T) - When Daniel is ambushed during an investigation, Aya's powers reawaken after months of dormancy. But they are not the powers she'd become familiar with; in fact, they more closely resemble Eve's.

After the account of her reawakened powers goes public, Aya is contacted by an FBI agent who tells her about the survival and westward migration of Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures, and invites her to join MIST to stop them. As Aya debates leaving the NYPD for MIST, she receives a startling reminder that her battle is far from over.

Snowbird (Oglaf | Greir/Snow Queen | 3,906 words | rated T) - When Greir receives a pendant that protects its wearer from the cold, she decides to try it out by visiting the Snow Queen's castle to reclaim a journal she left behind the last time she was there. The queen's interest in the contents of the journal--and in Greir herself--encourage Greir to talk and slowly drop her defenses, and she discovers a place, and a person, that allow her to truly be herself.

Two Halves of Nothing (Illusion of Gaia | Will | 495 words | rated G) - Will considers Lance's reunion with his father, and whether either of them have found the closure they sought.

The Big Chair (Neko Atsume | Speckles | 300 words | rated G) - Speckles liked to sit beside his owner, Missus, in her big chair, even if she let the books sit on her lap, instead. But when Missus dies and her daughter begins clearing out the house, Speckles runs away, finding the street a tough place to live, but preferable to being boxed up and put away like Missus' beloved books.

Weak from hunger, he eventually stumbles into the Neko Atsume yard, where he discovers an unexpected piece of home, and peace of mind.

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