Dee Moyza's Story Archive

Original Fiction

 Home is Where You Hold Me (Widowed Lighthouse Keeper/Shipwrecked Sailor (F/M) | 26,473 words | rated E for explicit sexual content) - Eight years after being widowed, Esma continues to keep her family's lighthouse on her own, resigning herself to the assumption that this is all life has left in store for her. But when she rescues an injured sailor and agrees to care for him while he heals, she finds her assumption, and her outlook, challenged at every turn.

In an effort to repay her kindness, Argider offers to repair Esma's cabin, which has fallen into disrepair. Hesitant to allow anyone to work on it at first, Esma relents, and finds herself confronting her memories and being drawn back into life itself as the repairs progress and Argider's presence becomes a source of comfort.

Home is Where You Hold Me (SFW version) (Widowed Lighthouse Keeper/Shipwrecked Sailor (F/M) | 24,490 words | rated T) - Safe-for-work version of the same story as above. Suitable for readers 13+.

 Drown My Soul in Sensory Pleasure (Sassy Mermaid/Female Pirate Captain (F/F) | 7,828 words | rated E for explicit sexual content) - It had long been considered a pirate's death wish to seek out the treasure of Captain Gullbasher Finch, whose ship disappeared off the coast of an island he had freshly plundered, but Captain Ravosa is up to the challenge. Hearing that sirens attacked the last crew who went in search of the treasure, Capt. Ravosa presses forward, confident that she can resist the sirens' charms.

When she arrives at the island, however, she finds no sirens, but instead, a mermaid named Ipthia, who is willing to exchange her share of the treasure for three things from Capt. Ravosa daily: a story, an item, and the chance to explore her body. Capt. Ravosa agrees, believing that by focusing on the treasure, she will be immune to Ipthia's charm and curiosity. But perhaps the good captain is overestimating her self-control.

Like Sunlight on a Day-blooming Flower (Bookshop Owner/Florist (F/F) | 8,392 words | rated G) - When bookshop owner Vivian Drake gets caught in a downpour, florist Lula Fuentes comes to the rescue with an umbrella. Lula's bright personality begins to thaw Vivian's more reserved nature, and she decides that if she wants to find out if Lula feels the same, she's going to have to make the first move.